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You're Never Too Old To Know Better - Basil McBride's Book Reviews!

You have heard it said, that poetry is dead (begob, I could be a poet yet!), but Ryan Duggins has proved that statement wrong with his latest release from Beir Bua Press, You're Never Too Old To Know Better.

"A children's shoe and a carvery pub in Stoke-on-Trent. If I were to pinpoint where it was clear that I'd end up writing bloody poetry, I'd say it was that day."

Ryan is a poet who doesn't take himself too seriously. His collection of 24 poems is a bubbly mix of comedic and satirical pieces. Despite most of the poems following a traditional rhyming scheme, his poetic voice is distinct. As well as that, it is very modern; many will relate to what Duggins is writing about; many will be reassured: a lot of us are in similar situations to the ones he describes.

His subjects are accessible. I found myself sniggering over Wetherspoons and Indian B.Y.O.B, but was also touched at the halfway mark by poems like R.I.P. My Queen and Death Sentence, the somber subject matters of which changed the pace a bit. Because the majority of Duggins' poems are lighthearted, the few serious ones pack more of a punch.

There is nothing experimental or groundbreaking in this collection, but in these times, it is an essential body of work. There might be other poets out there that are writing about these kind of things, but Duggins' voice could possibly be the loudest; his poems are simple but carry a comedic flair. It's short, snappy, and surprisingly sentimental. It's the kind of poetry book that anyone can enjoy reading. Overall, I'd give this collection 4/5.

If inclined, give Ryan a follow @ryanduggins. You can also buy his book here:


B. McBride

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