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Christina Hennemann - Winner of the Luain Press Winter Poetry Competition 2022

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Congratulations to German poet, Christina Hennemann for her winning poem Party Politics.

Christina is the author of the poetry collection Illuminations at Nightfall (Sunday Mornings at the River, 2022). She was long listed in the Cranked Anvil Short Story Competition 2020 & 2022, short listed in the Onyx Fall Contest 2022, and her work is published with Brigids Gate Press, Tír na nÒg, Anti-Heroin Chic, Goats Milk, Free Verse Revolution, orangepeel and elsewhere. Born and raised in Germany, she is now based on the beautiful West Coast of Ireland.

About Party Politics

"Party Politics addresses the huge challenges of our time. Only together can we tackle the climate crisis and pressing global issues, and I hope to spread this unifying message with this piece. Thank you to Luain Press for giving my poem a platform, I am honoured to be chosen as the winner of this competition." - Christina Hennemann

Party Politics

I don’t mind being stirred, but I refuse to be shaken

Herr Habeck has significantly reduced his shower time

since the outbreak of the war my legs are stems and my toes roots

drilling into the small patch of earth I’m squatting on,

my German potatoes, my Irish potatoes,

and I don’t give a damn about the political porridge,

Mister Martin says all sectors will have to stretch themselves

to meet emission targets we pay the price when we want to stay warm,

and my thoughts race to the little girl

red-cheeked in sandals and swinging dress

that licked thick ice cream at the sizzling funfair, or

red-cheeked in her penguin pyjamas, sleepyhead

under blazing hot heaters after a snowball fight.

My brows furrow thinking of the serious affairs that followed

and shaded her cherry blossoms, her soil, her infectious laugh,

lungs filling with acid and dooming dis-ease.

Herr Habeck is sour

Mister Martin is worried

I’m balancing on a leaf of grass with my left big toe —

Potatoes cold and dark in the ground,

casting the spell: We are of the trees, and our shadows

are reaching beyond party politics.

Illuminations at Nightfall

"Writing a book was always a childhood dream of mine, but I didn't think it was possible until only about a year ago."

Check out Christina's poetry collection Illuminations at Nightfall which you can find on Amazon. Her wonderful book is comprised of nineteen enchanting poems, some traditional, some experimental, but all blend together seamlessly into a captivating soundscape.

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