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Poetry Mic Night

So, I better come clean: we don't actually have a mic... but we do have a space to read and share poetry, and that's just as good!

WHERE: Maynooth Community Library, Main Street, Maynooth.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 3rd, 6-7 p.m.

WHO: Anyone.

WHAT: Reading poetry, whether it's your own work or the work of someone else. There'll be chats, a chance to meet new people, a chance to perform - or just listen. All welcome so please feel free to bring friends! We encourage people to have a poem in mind, one that means a lot to you, if possible. We're always excited to hear how different poems resonate with people and what they mean to them.

IF... there are not enough numbers, there will be other activities, like prompt-poetry, where you must write a poem based on a theme selected randomly from a hat. We hope to see you there regardless! Remember to like, follow, share and subscribe, and thank you again for visiting our website!

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