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Poet Profile: Gregory Patrick

Welcome to the second of our poet profiles! Gregory Patrick's poem Probably was chosen to be the third track on the 11 Whispers album. Like many of Patrick's work, Probably is about overcoming the trauma of a failed relationship. There is a rawness to this poem that is amplified by its form; a general lack of punctuation or stanzas serve to complement the poem's theme; one line runs onto the next, conveying the overflow of painful emotions; these are feelings that cannot be contained or controlled. The only period we see follows the word "Probably". For more of Patrick's work, check out his Instagram page, or see his website:


I can’t delete the pictures from my phone

even though you begged me to

it’s as if you’re desperate to forget what we were

like I meant nothing at all

my heart still jumps when my telephone dings

praying you’ve finally given in

to that sensible voice in your head

It can be our secret

let us meet in our old haunting ground

bumming smokes from the regulars

nobody need bother us there


But unfortunately this is just a poem

written for you

but you’ll never know it

only the few who bother to watch and stay

they’ll get to see my heart break away

maybe it’s best we move on

I’ll just pretend my pains all gone

cosplay like some handsome man on the town

even if it’s just a game

sitting alone with my back to the bar

trying my best to forget you were the one

drunk conversations never help anyway

I always end up chatting with myself

can’t even make a new friend

somethings are better kept from strangers

because that’s all we are now

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m from a town in Dublin called Clondalkin. I’ve lived there for the majority of my 38 years. In the last few years I’ve considered myself a father above everything else. I spend my days just trying to improve on who I was the day before.

What makes you tick?

Trying to be better, trying to push myself to open more. I feel like holding some stuff back but it

hurts the work. So I need to always push myself to the edge.

Who inspires you?

Poetry-wise, the unpopular opinion these days is Charles Bukowski, but I adore Louise Glück and Langston Hughes. Outside of poetry, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Patti Smith have changed how I look at songs and lyrics. I would also have to mention writer/director Vincent Gallo for the unapologetic way he views his art.

What are your plans for the future? Have you anything in the pipeline?

I’m currently submitting work at the moment but that has never been the goal for me. I enjoy it if ten people like something I’ve done or the people who spend time looking through all my work on my website.

Any advice for writers out there?

Be honest with yourself, no matter what feelings come up, no matter how ugly it may be, the

truth will always win. You will be surprised by how many people will have shared an experience, some people can't put it into words and that's where you come in.

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