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Monuments & Other Poems - Book Launch Coming Soon!

Lee Sheridan's first collection of poems Monuments is concerned with one's personal connection with place and the moments of insight that can blossom from that. From the charming streets of Pembroke to the student houses of Athlone, this collection is also an autobiographical fusion of both the sacred and the obscene.

The second poem in the collection, In O'Neill's, is set in the same pub where Sheridan will be launching his book later this month on November 26th. Having spent most of his life in Maynooth, Sheridan has a special affinity with the place, its people, and its pubs. O'Neill's pub on Maynooth's main street is cosy, convenient, and serves a great Guinness. If inclined, pop down on the 26th for some poetry and a pint, as well as a signed copy of Sheridan's book.

"Each corner of this place a cornerstone:/An imprint upon my life."

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