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Album Competition

Poetry is meant to be heard, not just read. Rather than just presenting your poem in print, 10 winning poems will be read out by a selection of different readers and accompanied by music and sounds relevant to their themes. This "album" will be posted to our YouTube channel in March.

Update: you do NOT need to be a resident of Ireland to enter.

Don’t forget to like, follow, share, and subscribe. For submission guidelines, see below:

1. Deadline is February 10th, 2023.

2. You can submit as many poems as you like on any theme.

3. Poems are to be attached as a PDF to Please include your name and contact number in the body of the email. The name of your PDF document should be the title of your poem.

4. The poem(s) that you submit must be your own original work.

5. Correspondence about your poem will not be entered into unless it is deemed to be a winning poem. You will be contacted either by email or phone by Luain Press.

6. By submitting your poem to Luain Press, you are allowing us to share your poem on our page and have an audio version created for our YouTube channel.

7. You must be 18 to enter.

8. Entries must be in English.

9. We will aim to announce the winning poems in March.

10. If no entries are suitable, Luain Press will not announce winners.

11. You must follow Luain Press on Instagram and share the post if your entry is to be validated.

12. Poems that are submitted must be previously unpublished.

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Emma Gallen
Emma Gallen
Jan 03, 2023


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