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Poetry Podcast: John Butler

Recently, Irish poet, Lee Sheridan talked with English author, philosopher, YouTuber and retired farmer, John Butler about... you guessed it: poetry!

John's YouTube channel @SpiritualUnfoldment has amassed over 200,000 subscribers. From meditation guides to impromptu discussions around spirituality, John's channel deals with topics that are both timeless and essential. You can buy his books and find out more about him here:

"At its best... and I say that with meaning... at its best, poetry tends to... well, we don't quite know where it comes from..." - John Butler

Most poetry, as John points out, isn't very inspiring at all. This begs the questions: what is real poetry? Does poetry have a spiritual dimension?

John has published a poetry collection in two volumes: Destined to Joy - Mystic Verses Part I and Do You Pray For Me? - Mystic Verses Part II. Other topics discussed include John's beginnings with poetry, the meditative values found in Ulysses by James Joyce, the purpose of poetry, true inspiration, as well as readings of Sheridan's poems Tamed Country and Morning Meditation by John, the latter of which was dedicated to John after Lee paid him a visit in Bakewell in 2019. You can find John's reading of Tamed Country here:

We hope that this podcast will be the first of many - stay tuned to our YouTube channel for more!

"John is always a pleasure to talk to. He's a gentleman, very wise, and a proper poet." - Lee Sheridan

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