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Poet Profile: Eímear Carberry

Welcome to our final poet profile! Here we'll be looking at Eímear Carberry and her beautiful poem Golden Hour. Below, Eímear talks about a bit about herself and her inspirations, as well as her advice for writers:

"My name is Eímear and I’m from the mighty county of Longford but currently based in Celbridge, Co. Kildare. I’ve been writing since childhood, as part of various classes and groups. I mainly write poetry and plays and, in 2012, I was a co-founder of “The Severed Orcs” pantomime writers group in Backstage Youth Theatre, a group which still runs today! In addition to this, I’ve published poetry in English and Irish through Maynooth University. My BA dissertation was a bilingual collection of poetry called Equinox. I also very occasionally post on my small poetry blog, Moe Fhilíocht (

I take inspiration from many things, mainly music, nature, and humans as a whole. I love to examine the relationships around me and turn them into something as magical as they feel. In terms of writers that inspire me, I love the works of Raymond Carver, Wendy Cope, and Emmet Kirwan in particular. I was incredibly shocked to be chosen for this collection as it has been a long time since I’ve written anything that has seen the light of day, so the plan going forward would be to start opening myself up to the possibility of sharing more of my writing again! My advice for other writers? Make friends with other writers and then you have best friends and worst critics all in one!"

Be sure to check out Eímear's blog. Below is her winning poem, Golden Hour:

As the sun paves a fiery path for the moon,

We confront the chill head on.

Laughter bubbling with the spray,

We pause thoughts of all gravity.

My hand finds a familiar path in yours,

As you guide me away from the shore.

The glint of lunacy shines through our eyes while the world crashes.

Chattering teeth and sea salt smiles,

Wading through it all, together.

Countless sunsets have come before us,

But never so sweet as tonight.

As Atlantic waves wash over us, I pray that we always preserve this,


As we are now.

Content to forget that all tides retreat.

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