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We would like to dedicate this post to the winners of our 'Word of the Week' competition. Congratulations to Leigh Brady for her piece Coorie, Milly Burke Cunningham for her piece Acquiesce, and Joshua D'Arcy for his piece Elliptical. To get your copy, click the link below:

Leigh Brady

Leigh Brady is a writer from Dublin, currently living in Edinburgh. She has completed her Masters in English literature from Maynooth University. She is currently the Blog Editor for The Belfast Review, and you can find some of her recently published work in Moss Puppy Magazine, Urban Pigs Press, and Whimsical Publishing Press. When she is not writing she can be found immersed in musical theatre.

Milly Burke Cunningham

Milly grew up in Galway, currently living in Dublin. She has a BA in Anthropology and English from NUI Maynooth, and an MA in Theatre Practice from UCD. She works in publishing, is a trainee psychotherapist and works as an actor. Her theatre reviews appear in The Reviews Hub and her story Existential Dread in a Pub Toilet was published by WitCraft and shortlisted in the Books Ireland Flash Fiction series.

Joshua D'Arcy

Josh D'Arcy is an aspiring academic trapped in the north of England. To date, he has not been convicted of any crimes. When he's not measuring biscuits with calipers he can be found worrying about water infrastructure and fish men. He knows how brake fluid works. He lives with his ever-patient partner, and a cat-shaped hole.

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